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3 Really Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO Yourself Right Now

Jan 24, 2017 4:11:38 PM / by Adam Singer

1.  Register your business on Google here:
Google and Bing want to get the information about your business right. Make it as easy as possible for them by going to and to and register your business with as much information as possible. Here are some things to include:
  • Business Name
  • Category of Business
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Photos

2. Do a Local SEO Audit here:
This will show you a long list of other places to register your business. It's free and registering at each place will add authority to your website

3. Call 5 friends and ask them to review your business on Google
Of course we are referring to people who have actually used your services. It's amazing what a big difference this can make. Simply getting 5 reviews on Google helps your search ranks and helps your company be more noticeable.

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Adam Singer

Written by Adam Singer

Adam Singer began programming for the World Wide Web in 1998 while working as an Informational Specialist for the Bureau of National Affairs, a Fortune 500 publishing company based in Washington, DC. In 2001 Adam became the Marketing and Communications Director for Jetro Platforms, a server-based computing software manufacturer. In 2011 Adam founded AJ Singer Studios, an Internet Marketing company based in Savannah, GA. In 2015 Adam formed Ability SEO as a full service marketing agency specializing in using SEO, social media, and e-mail marketing to get more visitors, leads and customers

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