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Episode 1 of Flooring Stories is Live!

January 11, 2023
You can listen to my interview with Kurt Krystinik of Buffaloe Floors in Houston, TX.  Here or subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google or wherever you get your podcasts.


Will This Work?

The chances are that you're going to spend some money on your business this year.  Before we get into deciding whether your investments will work or will not work ( I hope it will), we shoul...
January 01, 2023 1 MINUTES

How to Find Page Access in the New Facebook Page Management

This was so annoying, I'm writing this to help other people.  Facebook management is a labyrinth.  Here's how you find the settings to add and remove people as managers from your Facebook pa...
December 02, 2022 1 MINUTES

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How to Make an Awesome Website

An awesome website does not live alone.  It has an army of efforts that bring it visitors.  It may have a support staff, but it doesn’t need one.  What it has more than anything else is a jo...
September 19, 2022 1 MINUTES

WordPress v. HubSpot CMS

Buy the HubSpot CMS if you can afford it comfortably.  $300 / month or even $270 a month is a lot more than the $49 a year you could pay to to host a self-hosted WordPress site, but HubSpot ...
December 22, 2020 1 MINUTES

Stop Googling Yourself

If more people are asking for your help, you are showing up on Google better.   If more people are asking for your business, you are showing up on Google better.  If you Google your name, yo...
December 21, 2020 2 MINUTES

Does Google Have A Racial Bias?

The Short Answer: No.Google is interested in searcher intent. Because of this, searches that are race-oriented, will show you what Google thinks you might be looking for, not just the words ...
November 09, 2020 3 MINUTES

How to Show Up on Google Part IV : Location, Location, Location

If you are a local business, your most desirable Google location is in the “local pack”.  The local pack is the group of local businesses that appear beneath a map in a Google search.
October 07, 2020 1 MINUTES

How to Show Up on Google, According to Google

When you search for “how does google search work” or “how to show up on Google” it’s surprising that it can be so hard to find the material that Google itself wrote about “how google search ...
September 25, 2020 4 MINUTES

How to Show Up on Google Part III : How to Become an Authority

A person is an authority because other people expect to get the right answer when they ask her questions. It’s true on Google just like it’s true in person. If you want to know who is the mo...
September 22, 2020 1 MINUTES