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How I Was Able to Double Traffic to My Blog in 30 Days

Apr 19, 2017 9:10:45 PM / by Adam Singer


You can do this. And the more you do it the more effective and helpful it is.

In January I blogged every day for the first time in months. The result? My website and blog traffic doubled in just 30 days. 

I think there is a formula, and I'd like to share it.

It really breaks down into four steps:

  • Try to be helpful
  • Put yourself in a place where you will casually run into people who may benefit from your help
  • Politely and appropriately offer help when possible
  • Write about it

How to be Helpful While Blogging

This is the core of what I believe in and I call it AbilitySEO: If you have a business, you have something to offer online. Whatever you do, if you are getting paid for it you have something to teach and a way to help other people who are online. Whether you flip burgers, pump gas, or engineer search engine results, you do something better than others. Put yourself politely and appropriately into a situation where people may benefit from your help. Then listen for their questions.

Where to Find People Who Will Benefit from Your Help (some call them clients ;)

Since I started my company in 2011 I have worked in coworking spaces, and I love them. I began at ThincSavannah and now work in Spark Baltimore. They are a hive of creative people doing anything and everything and are often places where entrepreneurial people cross pollinate. There is often talk of web and websites, and I feel like there are often SEO topics I can help with. It's fun, and I hope that the people I speak with find me helpful.

Share Answers to Client Questions

Clients ask you questions every day. It's how you stay in business. It's part of how you add value to them, and it can be a way you add value to your website as well. Share answers to your client's questions (assuming your are appropriate about confidentiality).

A client asked me about adding SSL to his site, and that lead to an article about the importance or unimportance of SSL (in short it's one of many factors).

The More You Blog Helpfully, The Easier it Becomes

I found that the more I blogged with answers to daily questions, the more I noticed questions I could answer in a blog. That I also was able to double traffic was actually a happy discovery more than a plan.

Why not try to answer a question on your website right now? After all, that's was Google really wants you to do: answer questions their clients are asking in their searches.

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Adam Singer

Written by Adam Singer

Adam Singer began programming for the World Wide Web in 1998 while working as an Informational Specialist for the Bureau of National Affairs, a Fortune 500 publishing company based in Washington, DC. In 2001 Adam became the Marketing and Communications Director for Jetro Platforms, a server-based computing software manufacturer. In 2011 Adam founded AJ Singer Studios, an Internet Marketing company based in Savannah, GA. In 2015 Adam formed Ability SEO as a full service marketing agency specializing in using SEO, social media, and e-mail marketing to get more visitors, leads and customers

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