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How to Create a Google Review Link

Nov 8, 2017 1:05:10 PM / by Chaya Lencz

The great thing about Google reviews is that they only take a minute out of the reviewer's time. However, many great clients and customers won't think of writing a review themselves, and may need a little nudge to write that five-star report. Below are the steps to create a link for customers to write reviews. Watch the video and check below for needed links.

1. Go to Google's PlaceID Lookup Tool

2. Type in and select your business name in the PlaceID Search box

3. Copy your PlaceID (It will appear on the map, under your business name)

4. Paste it onto the end of the following URL:

    Example: Ability SEO's Place ID is ChIJ-YPzMZ0EyIkRp0epmxA7AAw, so our Google Review link looks like this:

5. Send it out through email, post it on social media and include it somewhere on your website. Wait for the rave reviews to roll in!

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Chaya Lencz

Written by Chaya Lencz

Chaya Lencz is our marketing associate at AbilitySEO. In addition, she is currently a student at University of Baltimore's Merrick School of Business.

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