Lead Generation using Multi-Media


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April 20, 2020

Lead Generation using Multi-Media



     In today's marketplace, people want to receive information in an instant, but as a result, many people do not have the patience or the time to read the information. 


  • That is why today more people prefer to receive the information that they want in a multi-media format. 
  • Statistically, the most popular method that people choose to utilize to receive information is via video.
  •   This is true across all generational indicators as well as in every age bracket.
  • Whether you use video, podcasts, or some other format of multi-media to relay content to your visitors, the important point is that it is imperative that you have content in a format that appeals to today's audience. 

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  • Content in the form of videos can be a demonstration of how to do something, or the video content can be an informative tutorial. 
  • You can include video interviews of testimonials, video or audio interviews in which you are featured discussing an issue that is of concern to your buyer personas, and power point presentations that offer step by step guidance to your buyer personas to overcome a challenge that they commonly face. 

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  • You want to continue to tailor the multi-media content to provide solutions to problems and challenges that your buyer personas typically are facing as well as to provide informative content about your services and how using your services helped a client matching your buyer persona to overcome and to successfully solve a problem that they had.



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  • It is important that when you include videos and other multi-media content that you have the appropriate content tags, meta-data, and titles so that Google and other search engines can find the content on your website and utilize it in the SEO rankings. 
  • All of this will help you to be found by prospects, but how do you use multi-media to generate leads?



  • The best way to utilize the multi-media content to generate leads is by having a free preview to engage the visitors and to cause them to want to see or listen to more
  • The preview would be similar to a trailer in the movie theater; it is just enough to create interest and cause the viewer to want with anticipation to see the movie when it comes out. 
  • In this case, for a video, it would be a short snippet like a movie trailer; while for audio or other forms of multi-media it would also be  a snippet, only in the format of that media. 

  • These snippets should be just long enough and have just enough information to engage the visitor and cause them to want to view or listen to the whole piece of content.









  • In order for the visitor to receive a code to view or listen to the content or to be able to download the entire video or content type, the visitor would need to complete a form which provides you with their contact information.  This action by the visitor of completing the form generates a new lead for you.