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The Best 3 Blogs You Need To Be Reading For Your Business

October 16, 2020 6 MINUTES
Our Short Answer: The best 3 blogs you need to be reading for your business are copy blogger which will show you how to create engaging content; HubSpot’s sales blog which will help you convert more leads to sales, and the OptinMonster CRO blog that will provide tutorials showing you how you can increase website conversions.  


The Ultimate Guide to Blogging in 2021

What are the most effective practices of blogging in 2021? The TL;DR short answer: Adding a catchy title and subtitles, an engaging introduction, outlines are all effective blogging tools. A...
August 28, 2020 11 MINUTES

What Every New Business Should Have Online

Starting your own business is huge. With the advent of the Internet, it has gotten both easier and harder. There are so many ways to get the word out now, but the options are dizzying! How t...
November 27, 2017 4 MINUTES

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The Right Way to Blog for Internet Marketing

  What does blogging mean to you? Although traditional blogging was generally a forum of sorts for individuals looking to get their thoughts out on the world wide web, it has transformed its...
August 29, 2017 5 MINUTES

How to Get to #1 on Google: Step 1 - How to Be Relevant

Google's ultimate priority is to give searchers what they want The first step in how to get to #1 on google is understanding what your customers want. Before you can be what your clients wan...
July 17, 2014 5 MINUTES

5 Simple Tips How to Blog

  If you blog it they will come.     Don't worry Kevin, I promise I'm going somewhere with this (Image from Somewhere someone is looking for the service you pro...
July 14, 2014 4 MINUTES