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What Are Google Stories? All You Need To Know!

November 02, 2020 5 MINUTES
Our Short Answer: Google Stories are a great way to present various types of content: video, audio, images, and blog posts on search engines in a carousel or one card format. It's also an easy way to create bite-sized chunks of content that are more digestible for your audience.


The Ultimate Guide to Setting up a 'Google My Business' Account

Short Answer: Some of the best practices include adding an email that is associated with your account, adding location on Google Map so you’re more visible in local searches, adding your nam...
October 21, 2020 10 MINUTES

What Are SEO Citations And Why Do They Matter For Local Search?

Our Short Answer:  Citations are online references for your business which list your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAPS). The more consistent and relevant citations you have across the we...
September 30, 2020 9 MINUTES

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10 Proven Ways to Grow Your Small Business

A quick TL;DR - Growing your business in a competitive market is tough. by knowing your audience, building a strong brand identity, maintaining an active presence on social, designing entici...
September 16, 2020 8 MINUTES

6 SEO Tips for Small Businesses to Better Handle Lock downs

Short & Sweet Answer: By updating their Google My Business accounts to update customers, making sure their website is mobile optimized, optimizing their site for local search and creatin...
September 06, 2020 5 MINUTES

9 Awesome Advantages of Google My Business

Google My Business is a crucial tool for any business in any industry, so if you don't have a GMB listing, here is why you should create one today!
March 04, 2020 6 MINUTES