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Marketing Qualified Leads Vs. Sales Qualified Leads

October 25, 2020 7 MINUTES
The Short Answer: An MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) is a contact with a strong interest in your product or services, but isn't ready to speak to sales yet. An SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) shows a strong indication they are sales-ready.


How to get Marketing and Sales to Work Together

Our Short Answer: Marketing and Sales can work together by determining how they define qualified leads. Using automation, defining goals, and replacing the sales funnel with a revenue cycle,...
September 25, 2020 8 MINUTES

Why Inbound Marketing is Relevant to You in 2020

Why Inbound Marketing is more relevant now than ever before, and where outbound marketing stands in all this.
June 03, 2020 5 MINUTES

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Read This if You Want to Get Better at B2B Sales

If you want to get better at B2B sales, but you only have about 45 seconds just read this: Call each prospect 4 times to get a connect call Email each prospect 4 times to get a connect call ...
March 04, 2020 2 MINUTES