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How Social Media Has Rocked the Marketing World

October 23, 2020 7 MINUTES
Our Short Answer: Social media rocks our world by opening a direct window to finding, analyzing and talking to possible leads. Instead of needing to search for info, people share their ideas, opinions and interests on social media without thinking about it, making our job easier, and makes their idea of us as less annoying and more human.  Social media used to be a platform that was primarily used  to share our lives and stories with friends and family. Today it is the ‘ace in the pack’ in every...


How To Make Your Brand a Thought Leader

What It Is, And Our Short Answer To Becoming One: Thought leadership is a content marketing tactic to build trust with contacts or as a business. The main purpose is for your audience to rec...
October 23, 2020 6 MINUTES

Resources for Thought Leadership

Link to Ty Heath's Inbound 2019 Presentation on How to Become a Thought Leader on LinkedIn: Link to Today's Slides from ...
October 23, 2020 1 MINUTES

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Can Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing Be used Together?

Our Short Answer: Today Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing can be used in tandem through digital billboards and advertising both in digital and physical formats at once. The more yo...
October 23, 2020 7 MINUTES

Can TikTok be Used for B2B Marketing?

  Short Answer: Although many b2b marketers are not on the platform yet, TikTok can and should be used by B2B Marketers, especially if their customers are in the demographic who are using it...
October 23, 2020 9 MINUTES