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Does Having A Video On A Web Page Help Your SEO?

October 23, 2020 7 MINUTES
Our Short Answer: Video helps the SEO on your webpage because it adds variety to your content, provides useful information in a shorter format, increases the average time your visitors spend on your site (as known as dwell time), as well as boosting traffic to your site. These are all factors that Google and other search engines consider when ranking your website. If you had a choice, what would you choose - to read a lengthy blog or to watch a five minute video with exactly the same information...


Key Marketing Trends That'll Be Even Bigger In 2021

Our Short Answer: Businesses that have their finger on the pulse of key marketing trends like voice and visual search, video marketing and interactive content will be the ones that rise to t...
September 28, 2020 13 MINUTES

Can Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing Be used Together?

Our Short Answer: Today Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing can be used in tandem through digital billboards and advertising both in digital and physical formats at once. The more yo...
August 18, 2020 7 MINUTES

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Where Should I Get Started with Video Marketing?

The 30 Second Answer : Start Video Marketing With What You Already Know List every time your expect a prospect to "touch" your company. The first touch might be they hear about you from a fr...
November 11, 2018 1 MINUTES

Getting Started with Video Marketing : 7 Resources and 2 Free Tools

I'm spending the next two months focusing on learning video marketing and presenting a class on video marketing in Savannah, GA on October 23rd.  To get started, I'm sharing some of the reso...
September 17, 2018 9 MINUTES