What is the best Video Hosting Platform for Real Estate Agents?


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July 08, 2020

What is the best Video Hosting Platform for Real Estate Agents?


Short Answer:

We pick Wistia: because of its features and reasonable price point:

  1. Heat Mapping
  2. A/B testing
  3. Analytics
  4. Customizable Call to Actions
  5. First 10 videos are free on one package

Price : free for the first 3 videos and $100 / month for 10 videos


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More Information:

When it comes to choosing the best video platform for your real estate company, there are plenty to choose from. Your decision will depend on your  budget, your goals and your needs.

Some packages offer you a superb set of features. Others provide more storage, ideal if you make and download loads of videos of your listings. The wide variety of hosting platforms makes it a difficult choice. We've included a selection with features and price points to make your choice that much easier.

Wistia video hosting platform infographic



The sheer variety of features is where Wista's star shines.This hosting platform offers heating mapping*, engagement and viewship graphs that give a deeper insight into viewer habits. Wista also offers email capture forms and in-video Calls To Action, which lead to more conversions. It integrates well with WordPress and Hubspot, making it easier to embed a video on your site.

Both paid and free options are available.Their pro plan is 99$ per month with 10 free videos,1 channel to share with your customers via a Wista link, upto 250 channel subscribers with email notifications, and your own branding to the video player.

Wista’s free subscription includes 3 free videos,1 channel to share with your customers via a Wista link, upto 250 channel subscribers, with Wista branding on the video player.

Last year, Wista introduced a free package, “which offers one free channel that they can share via a public link”. All their packages (including the free plan) also offer an A/B testing feature, allowing you to compare the performance of two videos at a time.

*(Heating mapping provides a colored graphical display showing a viewers behavior. For example, you will be able to see if your Call To Action works in engaging your customers.)


Vimeo hosting platform infographic



Unlike the real estate videos you’ve uploaded on YouTube, Vimeo is ad free. That means your customers or prospects don't need to view competitor ads to see your video. With Vimeo there are also no pop-ups. More people will watch your videos the whole way through to the end. So your prospects and customers don’t need to have an adblocker on their computer or phone - no waiting for the “skip ad button”, when there’s no ad to skip!

Vimeo enables you to upload high quality HD videos that will engage customers. You can embed your Vimeo videos on your home page, landing page, or blog with no hassle. The most recent edition of Vimeo allows you to add a Call To Action. You can also change it, if you decide that you want to make improvements or changes.

Vimeo’s packages all come with a generous capacity. The basic package is 500MBs per week and 10 files per day. And they won’t hurt your wallet; their plus package is 7$ per month when billed annually! Vimeo doesn’t provide a free plan.

Despite all Vimeo’s positives, it does have its downside: Vimeo videos, especially the preview ones have low visibility on Google. So prospects and customers will need to either view your listing videos on the platform or on your website.


Vidyard video hosting infographic



The best thing about Vidyard is that you only pay for tools you want to use. It’s well known for having many features to choose from and an intuitive dashboard. Using this platform enables you to send videos to prospects and customers. It's analytics feature gives you deep insights into who is viewing your videos. There are many things you can do with the Vidyard platform, even producing virtual tours and video walkthroughs.

Vidyard is also reasonably priced. Prices start at $15/ month for their pro package. This includes  a Call-to Action and the removal of Vidyard branding on your videos. You also get performance insights, and email support. Vidyard offers a free package which gives you 5 videos to share anywhere on your website, landing pages, or blogs.

What’s next?

Promo is a web app, not a hosting platform, but it does have  super- innovative features, which is why I decided to include it :)


Promo web app infographic



Promo is ideal for the real estate agent who is pushed for time. This platform offers a huge variety of real estate video templates. You can create videos in minutes. Simply add your logos, choose videos of your listings, or make adjustments to text. Promo is wildly customizable too. You can download your videos in different sizes for Facebook, Instagram, and a whole lot more.

Promo offers 3 packages. The basic one includes unlimited downloads, you can also choose from 36 premium clips (templated videos) per year for $39 dollars per month. The annual standard package offers unlimited premium clips, you can also add your company watermark - for $69 per month.


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A great Variety of exciting choices to make!

Each of the above alternatives to YouTube has their advantages. With Wista you get awesome packages packed with great features like heating mapping and A/B testing, and your first 10 videos are free for their pro package.

 If it’s versatility you’re after, and you love tech, Vineyard is made for you. If you need storage, and you create video- after- video for your listings Vimeo packages offer a huge amount of  space.

You goto love Promo for its fun features - and even though it’s a web app and not a video hosting platform - it offers a fantastic array of templated clips you can choose from.


 Bottom Line

 I’ll say for its price and superb variety of features, i’ll go for Wista.Wistia really is the swiss army knife of video hosting platforms. For just around $100 a month, you get:

  •  Powerful analytics tools like heat mapping, A/B testing and more...

  •  outstanding clear pictures and sound. Now it’s over to you!

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