Marketing Investment Protection Program

For people who want to know if they're losing out on clients and get help in winning more.

  • Are clients trying to reach you and not finding you?
  • Are you doing what you need to do to show up on Google?
  • Are you paying too much for Google Ads?
  • Are clients reaching you and you're not noticing?
  • Are clients getting follow up quickly enough to win their trust and their business?
  • Do your prospects see you on Google the way you want to be seen?
  • Are your Ads on Google and Facebook paying off?
  • Did your investment in videos and other efforts pay off?
  • Quarterly consulting meetings to help you set goals that matter and make effective strategies to achieve them
  • Ongoing email support


  • Weekly HubSpot contact audit to identify overlooked leads or opportunities
  • Google Ad optimization, and monitoring for  quality score, cost savings and growth opportunities
  • Quarterly report and consultation for goal setting and review of what is (and is not) working
  • Monthly SEO & Marketing Report including
    • Rank for tracked keywords
    • Visibility
    • Average Rank
    • Expected Traffic
    • Listings information
    • Wistia data on videos watched and opportunities

$725 / month